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Burgers and Sliders that melt your heart - 

BBurger your in-house American gourmet

Seasoned with love and freshness of flavours, BBurger Mumbai is here with a menu that will drive all your woos away. For a Monday morning blue or a late-night munching, BBurger is sure to levitate you of your feet. 


Making for a perfect handy meal, our burgers are one of the best in Mumbai. With a taste that feels like heaven, we serve the freshest, tastiest and unfathomably delicious burgers, sliders and hot dogs for everyone and we mean everyone. 


Explore our exclusive range of veg and non-veg burgers to enjoy with your friends without compromising on your choice. 


Your tummy is waiting for its deliciousness wrapped in an oven-fresh bun…Order your Burger online NOW!

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B burger punched logo-09.png

Our differences make us special. The desire to discover, sustainability and kindness are all parts of the engine that drives our little car.




Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger

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Truffle Mushroom Burger
Truffle Mushroom Burger

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Pulled Pork Burger
Pulled Pork Burger

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Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger

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When we think of flavor, the first thing that comes to mind is our Smashed burger. A very soft meatball that meets the hot plate, on which it is crushed to release all the magic: a scent that will remain etched in your mind and a taste that your taste buds will love!

How our Burgers make you Burrrrrrr……

Dipped in the goodness of fresh ingredients and sustainable cooking methods, our burgers and sliders take you on a ride to heaven with their heavenly taste. 

  • You feel the sizzle of the well-seasoned patty on a hot Tawa melting in your mouth.

       Our burgers and sliders are made with scrumptious pre-seasoned and                     well-marinated patty dipped in the aroma of fresh herbs and spices.                        Sizzled over a hot Tawa with lots of love and wrapped in fresh oven-baked              buns, you feel everything melting in your mouth right from the first bite.

  • Our burgers are love at first sight 

       Designed to hit all your senses, our burgers are love at first sight. ‘Highly                     satiating to taste buds and gorgeous to eyes’ is what describes our burgers             the best.

  • Are olfactory delights

      Right from our kitchen to your mouth, our freshly made delicious burgers and          sliders make you drool with just its aromatic flavours that hit your olfactory              nerves just as you open the box.

  • Feels like a piece of heaven

      The softest bun outside, a crunchy patty inside, the freshness of vegetables              and the unfathomably mouth-watering sauces make every item in our menu          feel like a piece of heaven.

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International taste in your neighbourhood

Our entire menu consists of over 20 types of burgers, sliders and hot dogs that are not just delicious but are also unique. With ingredients sourced from all over the world, we make burgers like no one else have ever made. Whether you are a vegetarian or someone with an ardent love for meat, we have everything for everyone. 


  • Thinking Burger we have it 

  • Wondering to try a hotdog…just name it 

  • Sliders sliding through their way to your heart

  • What an Americal menu without Fries, chicken wings and Shakes

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Try our Truffle Mushroom burger

Seasoned with Truffle oil and truffle mayo, this special Portobello Mushroom burger is a sensory delight. With a twist of ingredients originally found in Europe and North America, this delectable burger is wrapped up with a soft Brioche bun that soaks up the juices of the Mushroom patty adding extra deliciousness.

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Plant-based chicken burger

For our vegetarian friends who miss out on the deliciousness of meat, we have our popular BBurger plant-based chicken burger with flavours of the world. Chargrilled plant-based double patty, smoked and wrapped with flavorful charred onions, pepper sauce, romaine lettuce, pickles and loads of cheddar cheese take you on a trip to America.

Crispy Cajun Chicken burger

What a lost cause if the chicken burger is not deep-fried to crispy patty flavoured with Cajun spices, special Signature BBurger sauce, fresh lettuce and pickles. You get this mouth-watering combination in our Crispy Cajun Spiced chicken burger - an all-time hot for days when you want the taste of comfort food and deliciousness of burger together. 


The international menu at BBurger is specially designed with ingredients native to American gourmet food and techniques. What makes it utterly delicious is the way everything is put together. 

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