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Are burgers dinner-worthy?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Were you ordering a burger and suddenly started thinking of its being unhealthy or something?

Worry less, when we are here with a quick fact about burgers so that you can order a burger whenever you crave to eat one.

In a burger survey, 75% of people admitted that they eat burgers for dinner in America. It is loved so much.

We have already told you why are we all so addicted to burgers. If you haven’t read that yet, check it here.

Now, in India, we have different food habits that don’t match American eating habits. We tend to eat fresh food, healthy food. But a burger for dinner every now and then is absolutely okay and we have reasons to defend our statement.

We think burgers are dinner-worthy because of the following reasons:

Burgers are healthy

Every food changes its form based on the pallet of people of the region. Burgers too. So when we say burgers are healthy, we mean burgers that are freshly made with fresh buns, fresh patty, fresh salad and sauces.

It comprises components of a complete meal. Grains in the form of a bun, protein in the form of a patty and fibers from the salad that is added to it.

Now, tell us that burgers are not healthy.

You don’t get fat eating burger

Now that we have proved that a burger is a healthy food, we want to talk about you getting fat eating a burger. So let’s get straight to the point a burger cannot make you fat if you are eating that in moderation and are physically active. Having a burger once in a while will not make you fat but not exercising, not staying active and not controlling your eating habits will. So stop blaming burgers and start ordering a burger whenever you feel like eating one.

Burgers are comfort food- a mood booster

The meaning of comfort food is food that provides sentimental or nostalgic value. Comfort food is meant to lighten your mood, and give you comfort when you are feeling blue when you had a bad day and burgers are just there to do that. Having a good mood is a sign of a healthy mind, which reaps a healthy body. So, if you are eating a burger to cheer yourself up, it actually turns out healthy for your mental health. So, next time when you want to boost your mood, don’t forget to order a burger from BBurger.

They are quick and handy

Mumbai has one of the busiest life and time is really money here. A burger is sometimes the easiest, quick and most delicious meal that one can have during hectic days. It is handy, you can eat it on the go and will not spend time whipping it up.

We are not claiming that burgers are the healthiest meals for dinner but a burger cannot make much of a difference if you have a healthy lifestyle in place. Any good trainer will tell you to make lifestyle changes that are easily applicable and can be continued for a long period of time. And leaving a burger while continuing your poor lifestyle will not make any difference.

So yes, burgers are dinner-worthy if you moderate your eating habits and stay active.

If you are convinced and are already drooling over the thought of burgers, then check out the awesome menu at B Burger where we serve you gourmet burgers that are delicious and make for a perfect choice for satiating yourself.

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